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Extraction for Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Denville, NJ

Wisdom teeth impaction is a serious, often uncomfortable, oral health problem that many patients experience in their adolescence or early twenties.  Thankfully, these wisdom teeth can be successfully removed to ensure your oral health and the proper alignment of existing permanent teeth.

If you have a painful wisdom tooth, our Denville oral surgery office can help alleviate your discomfort through extraction of impacted third molars.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Become Impacted?

Most wisdom teeth become impacted when they don’t have room to descend completely into an arch of teeth.  By the time wisdom teeth emerge, most people have all of their permanent teeth well in-place and do not have available space for third molars to emerge.
Impacted teeth, whether trapped in bone or soft tissue, should be removed to avoid causing otherwise preventable oral health problems.
Complications of Tooth Impaction

If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth continue to cause discomfort and can contribute to any of the following:

• Shifting of existing teeth
• Increased risk for decay
• Chances for tooth and gum infection

Impacted teeth can be positioned at all different angles, including pointed directly toward the roots of existing teeth or facing the back of the mouth. As they move toward existing oral structures, wisdom teeth can put pressure on teeth and shift existing alignment.  Additionally, wisdom teeth that have partly emerged through gum tissue can become difficult to clean, thus trapping bacteria and causing decay and infection.

Dr. Cheryl Moccio performs extractions of impacted, problematic wisdom teeth to prevent these complications and allow you to enjoy a healthy and well-aligned smile. 

Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Superior patient care and building positive relationships are important to our office, which is why we conduct thorough consultations before beginning any oral surgery treatment. Dr. Moccio also provides sedation to ensure that your treatment can be completed as comfortably as possible. Our team goes over your treatment plan with you after your consultation, so you know exactly what to expect and how our care will benefit your oral health.

To extract trapped wisdom teeth, Dr. Moccio first removes any hard or soft tissue blocking the way. Once clear, wisdom teeth are removed and the treatment site is closed with either dissolvable or traditional stiches. Dr. Moccio will also place soft gauze pads at the treatment site to help cushion the treated area.

Contact Our Denville Oral Surgeon for More about Wisdom Teeth Removal

While wisdom teeth impaction can be painful, removing third molars is a common procedure that helps alleviate discomfort and ensure that your smile remains healthy and strong.

For more information on treatment for impacted wisdom teeth, contact our Denville oral surgeon to schedule your consultation.

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