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Testimonials of Cheryl L. Moccio, DMD & Harleen Kaur, DDS in Denville, NJ

"Dr. Moccio removed my sons 4 wisdom teeth and also cut gum away from two lower 12 year molars that had not erupted. Dr. Moccio does everything she can to make a patient as comfortable as possible and lesser anxiety. I have 4 children and this is my youngest that had his wisdom teeth out. Dr. Moccio has performed the surgery on all of my children. I think she is a wonderful oral surgeon!"

— Karen Kalman

"Dr. Moccio performed oral surgery on my son. She removed all 4 of his impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Moccio is an excellent surgeon both in her skills/knowledge and her interpersonal skills. She spends time reviewing procedures and options at the consultation, and is highly collaborative with her patients in her approach to decision making. She follows up after the surgery with a phone call and then an additional visit. You truly feel that you are partnering with her throughout the process. In addition to this procedure, both my husband and myself have been patients of hers in the past and have experienced the same excellent care. We all highly recommend her."

— Rebecca Naughton

"Dr. Moccio is experienced, compassionate and thorough. Obviously no one wants to undergo oral surgery but should it be necessary-this lady will make the best of any situation. I highly recommend her."

— Mary Hollenbeck

"Dr. Moccio is an outstanding oral surgeon. I had an accident at work with a high pressure hose that hit me in the mouth. It knocked teeth out, broke bone and fractured my pallet. She did surgery to extract the rest of my broken teeth, bone grafts to replace bone and implants to replace the teeth. Through all these procedures Dr. Moccio and staff were so gentle, caring and supportive it made going through all of this much easier. Thank you for everything Dr. Moccio and staff."

— Chris Hull

"Dr. Moccio and her staff are absolutely top of the line. Throughout the entire process of having my wisdom teeth removed, they were kind, thorough, and professional, and did the utmost to ensure that I was comfortable the entire time. I would highly recommend Dr. Moccio and her staff to anyone in need of having their wisdom teeth extracted, or for any other oral surgery needs. They are simply the best."

Benjamin Heller

"Dr. Moccio removed wisdom teeth of both of my children and my husband. She was very thorough in explaining the procedure before the surgery and took a great deal of time instruction us on post op care. The results were great--no complications for any of them. As well as being a great oral surgeon, her office staff is top notch. They were always polite and very helpful in processing the paperwork and insurance, etc. I can highly recommend Dr. Moccio!"

Gloria Carvagno

"Dr. Moccio is an excellent practitioner who is extremely caring and respectful. Her office is conveniently located in Denville, NJ and is extremely clean and full of professional staff. Dr. Moccio does excellent work and has successfully removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth without complications. Dr. Moccio's knowledge and professionalism are only surpassed by her caring and compassion for her patients as is evidenced by her post surgical care and patient follow up to ensure each patient's safety, successful rehabilitation, and satisfaction with her work. Dr. Moccio has also successfully treated a number of my family members and close friends and I would not hesitate to recommend her practice to anyone"

Daniel Ludwig

"All three of my children had their wisdom teeth extracted and my youngest son had more serious emergency oral surgery work performed by Dr. Cheryl Moccio. Before their procedures, Dr. Moccio provided thorough exams and consultations. My husband and I were very impressed with her state-of-the-art office, with the considerate and caring staff, with her comprehensive examinations, her meticulous attention to coordinating concerns with our other health care providers and with her clear explanations of the procedures she performed. Following their surgeries, we were also very pleased by the attention that Dr. Moccio and her staff gave to any discomfort they might be feeling, by her phone calls to check on their recovery and her comprehensive follow up care. We also appreciated her modern surgical suite and the careful attention to sterility and detail exhibited by Dr. Moccio and her entire staff. My husband and I have highly recommended Dr. Moccio to family and friends and after becoming her patient, they always make a point of thanking us for the excellent recommendation."

Martha Westenberger

"Dr Moccio removed my wisdom teeth a few years ago. She was thorough, knowledgeable and kind, and is excellent at what she does."

Dana Andre

"This is the best oral surgeon around! Great staff! Kind, knowledgeable and caring. A perfect combination! Highly recommend!"

Robin M. Hughes

"Dr. Moccio is extremely caring and respectful! If anyone ever needs an oral surgeon, she's definitely the one to go to! And office staff is great as well!"

Michele Fiorino

"Would highly recommend Dr Moccio and her staff! I had to have two wisdom teeth pulled last week. I never had a tooth pulled before and I was very nervous to say the least. Dr Moccio made me feel very at ease and she was very patient explaining everything she would be doing. I had oral sedation which made me feel very relaxed during the procedure. Her office staff were wonderful too. The nurse even held onto my hand during the procedure."

Diane McGrath Boykow

"Dr. Moccio is an outstanding oral surgeon. She is knowledgable and professional and what sets her apart is the concern she has for each of her patients. Dr. Moccio takes time to explain procedures thoroughly and answer every question you have. Not only will you be well taken care of but you will feel well taken care of!!"

Eileen Ludwig

"My 14 year old daughter had an impacted canine that a exposure with an attachment had to be done. She was so nervous. When she found out she had to get the procedure she cried and was a nervous wreck. When I called the office for the consultation, I let them know my daughter was extremely nervous. Dr. Moccio and the staff were fantastic."

The day of the procedure Dr Moccio told my daughter a funny story to make her laugh and put her at ease. She put me at ease as well. During the numbing process, my daughter was scared, and a nurse held her hand.

As a parent I was dreading the day. Dr Moccio and staff made it simple and explained everything. I cannot express my appreciation for the treatment and follow up done by Dr Moccio. I never post reviews but this warranted it. Many thanks to Dr. Moccio and staff!

Stacy Mills

"Best oral surgeon I have met . No words to appreciate her . Still searching for words . Great doctor . I went for a tooth extraction which had two roots . She made me very comfortable and explained me the complete procedure . She also told me it's complete waste of time worrying for tooth extraction . The fantastic part is I did not have any pain post surgery . No words . I'm recommending all my friends to go to get if tooth needs to be extracted . Now I don't have to worry about extracting 3 of my wisdom teeth too . I know what you're thinking but it's 3 ."

I highly recommend this doctor to anyone .

Krish Aananth

"Dr. Moccio is definitely a top notch dental surgeon! I have probably interacted with close to two dozen dentists throughout my career in the military and Dr. Moccio is by far the best one I have had the pleasure working with. She is not only very knowledgeable in what she does, but her 30+ years of experience shows in the work she does. Her staff is also excellent and are helpful every step of your journey. I had my four molars (wisdom teeth) pulled with everything being explained in detail and let me tell you, I felt zero pain during the procedure and after! If you want the best professional to take care of your dental surgery needs, look no further and I promise you will not be disappointed with the treatment you will receive from Dr. Moccio and her staff!"

Eric Madrid

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